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Welcome to the homepage of our institute!


Welcome at the website of the 
Institute of Analytical Chemistry. 
The institute is one of eight institutes of the
Department of Chemistry & Mineralogy
of the University of Leipzig. 

There are five working groups at the Institute: 

  • WG of Prof. Belder: "Concentration Analytics and Miniaturization"
  • WG of Prof. Matysik: "Structural Analytics: Photochemical Systems and NMR"
  • WG of Dr. Birkemeyer: "Mass Spectrometry"
  • WG of Prof. Reemtma: "Enviromental Analytics", assoc. at the Enviromental Research Centre Leipzig, UFZ
  • Junior Scientist's Group "Chemical Microlabs"



The way to us

The building "Technikum/Analytikum"  of the Deptm. Chemistry & Mineralogy is located in the street "Linnèstr. 3", about 3 km in the south-eastern of the city center.

Starting from city center, one may use either Trams No. 16 (form Main Station, towards "Lößnig") oder No. 2 (from New Town Hall, towards "NaunhoferStr.") .

The destination is station "Johannisallee".


An alternative is the use of Tram No. 15  (from Main Station or Augustusplatz, towards "Meusdorf") with destination "Ostplatz" and a short walk of 5 min. 

Web-Link to the local transportation company LVB

Location Plan


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officiating Director of the Institute

Prof. J. Matysik


Technikum/Analytikum (TA)

Linnéstr. 3
04103 Leipzig

Post Address

Institut für Analytische Chemie
Fakultät für Chemie und Mineralogie
Johannisallee 29
D-04103 Leipzig


Institut für Analytische Chemie
Secretary Mrs. Uta Zeller,
Room 264
Linnéstr. 3,
D-04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97-36100
Fax: +49 341 97-36115

Matthias Findeisen


German Website

German website of the institute 

Pictures of Reconstruction

Pictures of the building's reconstruction 2009 - 2013

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