WG Mass Spectrometry and Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry group

June 2019


For several decades, the working group Mass Spectrometry at the University of Leipzig has been working on organic mass spectrometry (MS) with a focus on small organic molecules. In 2014, it has been registered as DFG Core Facility.

Within the University of Leipzip, one of our main tasks is to support the research of the university's working groups providing service measurements as MS Core Facility of the Faculty of Chemistry and Mineralogy. On our homepage, you will find all essential information about how to contact us and on our equipment and the requirements for the MS-analysis service; for requests beyond routine work, we offer scientific cooperation.

Our own research interest is mainly the development of analytical methods for the so-called life sciences, mostly using hyphenated techniques, i.e. LC-MS and GC-MS. Master and PhD students can apply to work with us on projects in the field of structure elucidation as well as method development for the quantitative determination of low-molecular weight compounds in complex matrices.

last modified: 18.02.2021


Head of the service group
Dr. Claudia Birkemeyer
Raum 211
Linnéstr. 3
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 36092
Fax: +49 341 97 - 36115

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