Within the study of analytical chemistry our working group performs various teaching tasks.

Master study Chemistry

In the master's programme the lecture series: "Mass Spectrometry in Modern Quantitative Analytical Chemistry" (1 SWS in the module "Special Analytical Methods") is given. Basics of quantitative work using the example of hyphenated techniques with mass spectrometry is included.

Under the corresponding lecture the current script is available in Almaweb.

Master thesis and practical courses

Are you interested in a scientific project in the field of mass spectrometry?

For students we offer to work on projects in the fields of structure elucidation and method development . Depending on their level of education, we would like to instruct them in the use of analytical techniques as early as possible. For futher information about the specific projects and our working group please contact Dr. Birkemeyer.

Postgraduate study "Analytics and Spectroscopy", Course 5 "Structural Analysis II"

The University of Leipzig offers graduate natural scientists (i.e. also doctoral students of natural sciences) the opportunity to further qualify themselves in chemical analysis by participating in the postgraduate course "Analytics and Spectroscopy". Course 5 of this qualification program is dedicated to mass spectrometry. It is also possible to take only individual courses of the postgraduate studies. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Zeller.

Postgraduate study "Toxicology and Environmental Protection"

In the postgraduate study "Toxicology and Environmental Protection", Dr. Birkemeyer lectures on "Mass Spectrometry" in the course "Analytical Chemistry".

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