MS Core Facility

Access to modern research infrastructures at universities provides important resources for science and research, which form the basis for many research activities at universities and other institutes. Sophisticated equipment plays an important role in many branches of science; sharing facilities that are visible beyond the university enables effective utilisation and meaningful scientific service, improved utilisation and better accessibility for scientists (also from other institutions) can be achieved. (From the DFG website)

Our lab is a core facility for mass spectrometric service analyses and we would like to be a reliable partner for all scientific staff, PhD students and students of the University of Leipzig and other public institutions in support of their research projects. The registration in the DFG database RIsources allows easy processing of the service costs in DFG projects, all you need to do is make a corresponding note in the application.

Management and access models

Our access model for university users is the so-called "Nutzergemeinschaft MS" which every working group of the university can become a member of. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Birkemeyer. Inquiries from non-university, non-commercial institutions are also welcome after prior arrangement. Our terms of use are binding for all users of our service.

We would be pleased to support you - we look forward to discuss your interesting research question and to find a suitable analytical solution. Suggestions for improvement are of course also welcome.

Furthermore, we would like to ask you to keep our Core Facility attractive, open and available by acknowledging our work. Please inform us about the scientific use of our results, mention us in your acknowledgement, or consider co-authorship if one of our employees has made an intellectual contribution that goes beyond routine sample analysis. Recommendations for this can be found in various guidelines.

Your MS Service Group

last modified: 09.03.2021


Head of the service group
Dr. Claudia Birkemeyer
Raum 211
Linnéstr. 3
04103 Leipzig

Phone: +49 341 97 - 36092
Fax: +49 341 97 - 36115


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