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Prof. Dr. Detlev Belder received the SCIEX Innovation Award 2020.

The Eberhard-Gerstel-Prize 2020 was awarded to Sebastian Piendl.

Sebastian Piendl received the second prize of the Lecture Award at the GDCh-PhD Seminar 2020.


Select Publications:

Fluorescence lifetime-activated droplet sorting in microfluidic chip systems
S. Hasan, D. Geissler, K. Wink, A. Hagen, J. J. Heiland, D. Belder
Lab Chip 2019, 19, 403-409.

An integrated lab‐on‐a‐chip approach to study heterogeneous enantioselective catalysts at the microscale
R. Warias, A. Zaghi, J. J. Heiland, S. K. Piendl, K. Gilmore, P. H. Seeberger, A. Massi, D. Belder,  ChemCatChem. 2018, DOI: 10.1002/cctc.201801637.

Seamless combination of high pressure chip-HPLC and droplet microfluidics on an integrated microfluidic glass chip
R. Gerhardt, A. J. Peretzki, S. K. Piendl, D. Belder, Anal. Chem. 2017, 89, 13030-13037.

Analysis of Enantioselective Biotransformations Using a Few Hundred Cells on an Integrated Microfluidic Chip
K. M. Krone, R. Warias, C. Ritter, A. Li, C. G. Acevedo-Rocha, M. T. Reetz, D. Belder, JACS 2016, 138, 2102–2105.

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