*** Seminars


Matthias Findeisen

"Liquid state NMR - some tips and tricks."


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08:30, Online via Zoom



08:30, Online via Zoom


Ettore Paltanin (Master thesis defense)

"Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modelling of the biliverdin chromophore in complex environments: Electronic and NMR properties."

08:30, Online via Zoom


Kai Müller (Practical course defense)

"Funktionalisierung von porösen Mikroglaskugeln mit (3-Mercaptopropyl)trimethoxysilan."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


Melanie Adam, Online (via Zoom) Practical course defense 

"Optimierung der Derivatisierung von Aminen für die GC‑MS Analyse."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


1) Gary Cooney, Online(via Zoom),Master thesis introduction​

"A short introduction to Raman spectroscopy." 

2) Ettore Paltanin, Online(via Zoom), Master thesis introduction

"Quantum mechanics/molecular mechanics modelling of the biliverdin chromophore in complex environments: Electronic and NMR properties."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


1) Max Hell, Online via Zoom

"Practical course defense​ Optimization of mass spectrometric eicosanoid measurements in extracellular vesicle."

2)Niklas Junger,  Bachelor thesis defense 

"Untersuchung des Einflusses der Partikelgröße von porösen Gläsern auf den Gasaustausch mittels hyperolarisierter 129Xe NMR."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


Lisa Köhler, Online via Zoom

"Introduction to bacterial phytochrome photoreceptors."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


Laura Mages, Online via Zoom

"Enzymatischer Abbau von PET : Enzymmodifikation der LCC mittels zielgerichteter Mutagenese zur Verbesserung der PET Hydrolyseaktivität." 

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


Narmin Bachirova (Master thesis defense)

"High resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) spectroscopy of zerbrafish embroyos and toxic effects of Polyethylene terephtalate nanoparticle."

08:30 online (ZOOM)


Prof. Jörg Matysik

"A short introduction to Raman spectroscopy."

08:30 TA-257, online (ZOOM)


Ettore Paltanin  (Practical course defense)

"Quantum chemical investigations of the  Biliverdin chromophore: Electronic and NMR properties."

08:30 online (ZOOM)


Mohammad Jabed Iqba (Practical course defense)

"Non-Uniform Sampling (NUS) as a 2D-NMR sampling method."

08:30 online (ZOOM)


Aymen Ben Zid (Practical Course Defense)

"Optimization of NMR measurement parameters for solid-state photo-CIDNP experiment on cystein-lacking LOV domain of aureochrome."

08:30 online (ZOOM)


Patricia Falkenstein

"UV Pretreatment impairs the enzymatic degradation of Polyethylene Terepthalate."

08:30 online (ZOOM)


Dr. Christian Wiebeler (Method Seminar)

"Computational optical spectroscopy of phytochromes."

09:00 online (ZOOM)


Valentin Rohr (Master thesis introduction)

"Studying deep eutectic solvents in high vacuum for beta-detected NMR spectroscopy."

09:00 online (ZOOM) & TA-257


Leonore Winkler (Bachelor thesis defence) 

"Expression und Aufreinigung des 15N-isotopenmarkierten Enzyms TfCut2 aus Thermobifida fusca KW3 sowie Analyse mittels Flüssig-NMR-Spektroskopie"

09:00 online (Zoom)


Narmin Bashirova (Master thesis introduction)

"High resolution magic angle spinning (HR-MAS) NMR spectroscopy of zebrafish embryos and toxic effects of Polyethylene terephthalate nanoparticles."

!! 10:00 TA-257


Sophie Schwarze (B.Sc defense)

"Probenbereitung eines bakteriellen Phytomchroms für Festkörper-NMR-Experimente."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


 Practical Course Defenses

1) Marc Jankowski

"Interaktion von Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphat mit dem Dipeptid L-Carnosin."

2) Kevin Jahn 

"Methodenentwicklung zur Identifizierung mykosporinartiger Aminosäuren in Rotalgen."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Christian Sonnendecker (Method Seminar)

"Protein-Engineering-Strategies for generating diversity and analysis of clones." 

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Ziyue Zhao

"15N-photo-CIDNP generated in cysteine-lacking LOV Domain."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Alina Seelig

"MALDI-MS Analysis of Reaction Products between BSA and Ruthenacarborane."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Muhamed Nour Hashem

"Magic Angel Spinning NMR Studies to explore teratogenicity of Ochratoxin in the Zebrafish Embryo Model."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Patrick Kurle

Method Seminar: Field-Cycling in NMR

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Bonginkhosi N. Mzileni

"Temperature Dependent Study of a 4-ALA Labeled Reaction Centre from Rb. Sphaeroides using Solid-state Photo-CIDNP NMR Spectroscopy."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Muslim Dvoyashkin

 "Possibility for using the MAS NMR under the contineous flow conditions for determination of the effectiveness factor of the solid catalysts."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Johannes Fischer

"Malaria diagnosis via ATR-FTIR spectroscopy."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Zhe Yi

"Photochemistry of Cyanobacteriachromes with biliverdin chromophores via UV-Vis"

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Christian Sonnendecker

"Mircrobial degradation of plastics."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Carolina Costrino:

"PAHs analysis in environmental matrices."

2) Yunmi Kim

"NMR study of lyophilized powder of the red/far-red photochromic cyanobacterial phytochrome all2699 from Nostoc sp."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Hannah Melcher

"Extraktion und Analyse von Mikroplastik aus Pazifik-Sediment."

2) Elias Flachowsky

"Analytik von Mikroplastikpartikeln in marinen Proben mittels FT-IR."

3) Dr. Christian Wiebeler

Methoden Seminar "DFT - Dichtefunktionaltheorie" 

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Alice Grün

"The Analysis of Protein Species of Therapeutic Proteins on the Model Protein Ovalbumin."

2) Yueh-Jen Lin

"Lipid analysis of human plasma using GC-MS."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Dr. Matthias Gilbert

"Thermoluminescence - a method to analyze the functional state of the Photosystem II reaction centre."

2) Elina Otikova

"Investigation of α-cyclodextrin complexes using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy."

Wed, 8:30, TA-204 (!!)


1) Marianne Wenzel

"Towards ultrafast T1-T2-correlation spectroscopy applicable to hyperpolarized nuclei."

2) Master Defence:  Richard Aures

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Susanne Altmayer:

1) CD Spectroscopy (Method Seminar) 

2) Influence of a conserved tyrosine in the GAF domain of bilin photoreceptors on the absorption properties

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Prof. Dr. Jörg Matysik

"Photo-CIDNP in Solids."                

2) Ziyue Zhao

"15N-photo-CIDNP generated in cysteine-lacking LOV domain."

Tue, 13:00, TA-257


Tianyu Bai

"Application of High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS) NMR in Zebrafish Model and Optimization of Localized 31P NMR in Phantom Solution."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Dr. Chen Song

"MAS NMR on canonical phytochrome Cph1 and a red/far-red-absorbing cyanobacteriochrome from Nostoc."                 

2) Ann-Christin Schweigert

"The potential of glucose and glucose-derived peptide fructosamines for formation of α-dicarbonyls: an LC-MS approach."

Fr. 04.10. Guest lecture, Härtelstr.


Fr., 04.10.2019, 11:00 Uhr im Seminarraum 017, Härtelstr. 16-18, Erdgeschoss (Zugang über Hofeingang), Institut für Medizinische Physik und Biophysik
Prof. Dr. P. MadhuTIFR Centre for Interdisciplinary SciencesTata Institute of Fundamental ResearchHyderabad, India
„Seeing recoupling schemes in solid-state NMR in a new light“

Thu, 14:00, TA-257


Tianyu Bai

"Application of High Resolution Magic Angle Spinning (HR-MAS) NMR in Zebrafish Model and Optimization of Localized 31P NMR in Phantom Solution."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Yonghong Ding

"Magnetic field dependence of 1H, 13C and 15N photo-CIDNP effect generated in the cysteine-lacking LOV domains of flavoproteins."

Wed, 8:30, TA-204 (!!)


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gärtner

"Cyanobacteriochrome Slr1393 – very fast and very slow movements."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Herr Prof. Dr. Kay Saalwächter, Institute of Physics - NMR Group, Faculty of Natural Sciences II, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg

"Polymeric materials: environmental perspectives." 

"(De)coupling of rotational and translational diffusion in crowded protein solutions – a model case of complex colloids".

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Prof. Andreas Pöppl

"CW and Pulsed EPR Spectroscopy of Paramagnetic Complexes in Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOF)."

2) Monserrath Vega Cárdenas

"Spin chemistry for an environmental engineer."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Sarandeep Kaur

"Investigating chemical environment of Carbon Quantum Dots functional groups."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Yunmi Kim

information about the topic will follow 

2) Nawab Jahanzaib

"Study and Optimization of the Parameters Influences 129Xe Hyperpolarisation Process." 

Wed, 8:30, !! Main Building" R 126 (Glaskasten)


Yueh-Jen Lin

"Lipid-analysis of human plasma using GC-MS."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Christian Wiebeler

"Computational optical spectroscopy: From molecular photoswitches to canonical phytochromes."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Dr. Christian Schmidt

"Sources and transport of plastic particles in rivers."

2) Valentin Rohr

"Establishing a protocol for purification of PCB from Spirulina platensis."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Prof. Konstantin Ivanov

"Level (anti-) crossings in hyperpolarization."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Johanna Rüdiger

"Analysis of dextranes with matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MALDI) and surface assisted laser desorption ionization (SALDI)."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Christian Geheb
"Passive Sammelmethoden im Kleingewässermonitoring"

2) Prof. John Berry from Florida International University
"Coupling NMR to the Zebrafish Embryo Model to Characterize Pathways of Toxicity, and Identify Exposure Biomarkers, of Diverse Environmental Toxicants"

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Rupali Uppal

"To study the chemical composition of fruit peels by GC-MS profiling."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Prof. Dr. Severin Sasso

"Algal metabolism and interactions between microalgae and other microorganisms."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Richard Aures

"Untersuchung mesoporöser Materialien mittels 129-Xe NMR Spektroskopie."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Holger Lippold 

"Radiotracer studies of processes determining metal transport mediated by humic substances."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Stephan Wagner

"Analytical approaches to detect and quantify microplastic particles in the environment."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Greg Gaube

"Metabolite Profiling in Red Algae Species via GC-MS".

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Martin Brehm

"The CRAZED NMR Experiment - Capturing Microstructure of Liquids."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Qianzhao Xu

"Structural Changes Observed by FT Infrared Difference Spectroscopy of the Phytochrome Composed of three GAF domains."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Muslim Dvoyashkin

"Confinement-Induced Electrolyte Drying in Hierarchical Carbons - Unravelling the Novel Diffusion Mechanism."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Dr. Frank Ortmann (TU Dresden)

"Electrons, spins and their dynamics in pi-conjugated systems: A molecular perspective."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Christian Sonnendecker

"Large ring cyclodextrins as novel supramolecular hosts."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Muhamed Nour Hashem Eeza

"Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies to explore muscle wasting and fat infiltration in leptin deficient zebrafish."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Patrick Kurle

"Preliminary NMR Studies on Carbon Quantum Dots."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Katarzyna Dziubinska-Kühn

"High-Sensitivity Nuclear Magnetic Resonance with Laser polarized metal ions."

2) Christian Wiebeler

"Insights into the Photochromism of a Red/Green Cyanobacteriochrome."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


Kai Zumpfe

"Identifikation unbekannter Verbindungen anhand ihrer EI-Fragmentierugnsmuster am Beispiel phenolischer Verbindungen."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Mechthild Schmidtpott

"Speziation von Chloroplatinaten mittels IC-ICP-MS."

2) Nader Gadelrab

"Analysis of Metabolites of Fruit Peels via GCMS."

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Dr. Kirill Monakhov

"Paving the way for multiple-state resistive switching with single molecules: Breakthroughs and            challenges"

2) Eslam Shehata

"Metabolite profiling of fecal samples from rotavirus positive and negative individuals."

Fri, 10:00, R. 102 , Main Buliding


Patricia Falkenstein, Defence of Master Theses

"Dynamical changes of UV pretreated PET studied by solid-state NMR." 

Wed, 8:30, TA-257


1) Lisa Köhler

"Introducing Point Mutations into Slr1393."

2) Richard Aures

"Determination of Carbon-Carbon-J-coupling constants."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Xiaoting Li

"Biosynthese und Photoreversibilität von Cyanobakteriochrome."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Prof. Petrik Galvosas (New Zealand)

"Developments in Rheo-NMR: Brief history and recent developments."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Leonard Dreyer

"Selective analysis of reactive oxygen species with LC-MS."

2) Alice Grün

"Analysis and quantification of protein species."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Susanne Altmayer

"Status Quo on Examining Colour Tuning in Red/Green CBCRs AnPixJ and Slr1393"

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Julia Rauch

"Implementation of SP3 sample preparation into an automated workflow for clinical proteomics: Application to the analysis of serum from children with cardiovascular comorbidity in chronic kidney disease."

2)Georg Pönisch

"Etablierung eines Protokolls zur Isotopenmarkierung von Tryptophanen in Proteinen."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Annalena Werner

"Quantification of the 20 kDa- and 22 kDa-Isoforms of the human Growth Hormone

measured with LC-MS/MS."

2) Valentin Rohr

"NMR Study on Solvation and Fluorination Effects of HFIP." 

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) James Otis

"Solid-state NMR study of a red- / far red photoswitching cyanbacterichromes 2699g1 and 2699g1-2 from a Nostoc (PCC7120)."

2) Zhang Zhe

Defence: "NMR-based Structure Assignment of the Biliverdin Chromophore in a Bacterial Phytochrome from Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomato."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Sebastian Braun

"Mutagenesis studies on AnPixJ."

 2) Erin Reid

"Implementation of a Method for Whole Genome Amplification on a Microfluidic Platform for Point-of-Care Testing."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Christian Dusny

"Collective or individual? Dissecting biocatalytic heterogeneity of microbial populations, one cell at a time."

2) Zhang Zhe

"Introduction: NMR-based Structure Assignment of the Biliverdin Chromophore in a Bacterial Phytochrome from Pseudomonas syringae pv. Tomato."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1.) Alice Grün

"Stability and Sensitive Comparison of Carbonylderivates with LC-MS."

 2.) Ella Félix

"Etablierung eines Assays zur Charakterisierung der Metabolisierung von small molecules durch Lebermikrosomen."

3) Benedikt Zöhrer

"Standardisation of the LC-MS/MS quantification of apolipoproteins."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Yonghong Ding

"Magnetic Field Dependence of Photo-CIDNP Effect on Aureochrome LOV C287S by Solution NMR".

 2) Johanna Rademacher

"The use of FAME and Amino Acids as a biomarker to determine osmotic stress to soil bacteria."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Dr. Anne Jantschke, TU Dresden

"Nature and function of crystalline inclusions in calcifying dinoflagellates and their relevance in biomineralization."

2) Patricia Falkenstein

"Dynamical changes of UV pretreated polyethylene terephthalate observed by solid-state NMR."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Clara Scheelje

"Assignment of 1H resonances in photosynthetic reaction center of Rb. sphaeroides WT based on 2D photo-CIDNP MAS-J-HMQC experiment."

2) Katarzyna Dziubińska-Kühn

"Towards Photo-CIDNP MRI."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1.) Robby Rynek

"Die Derivatisierung von Methylglyoxal in der LC-ESI-MS-Analytik."

 2.) Nils Keltsch

"Entwicklung einer LC/MS basierten Methode zur Quantifizierung von Superoxidanionen."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Yunmi Kim

"Solvent and concentration dependence of hydroxyl chemical shift of fluoroalcohols."

2) Marianne Mühlbacher

"GC-MS Profiling of Wood Samples"

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Katarzyna Dziubińska-Kühn   

"Towards Photo-CIDNP MRI."

2.) Johanna Rüdiger

"Suitability of surface assisted laser desorption/-ionisation (SALDI) compared to matrix assisted laser desorption/-ionisation (MALDI) with regard to the analysis of Dextranes."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Dr. Axel Kahnt

"Time Resolved Investigations on Molecular Nanosized Systems."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Leonard Dreyer

"The selective analysis of reactive oxygen spieces with LC-MS." 

2) Shubhangi Karande

"Tenax TA and XAD-2 for sampling of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at high flow rate."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Dr. John Berry, Florida International University

"The "Miracle" of High-Resolution Magic Angle Spinning NMR, and the Zebrafish Embryo Model.",
“Shines a Light” on the Toxicity of Diverse Environmental Contaminants."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Julia Rauch

"Implementation of SP3 sample preparation into an automated workflow for clinical proteomics." 

2) Thaize Alcantara

"Identification of phenolic compounds in Wood Samples."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Zimmermann

"Plastikabbau  durch bakterielle Polyesterhydrolasen."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Patrick Kurle          

"The solid-state photo-CIDNP effect in blue light photoreceptors."

2) Erin Reid

"Implementing Whole Genome Amplification on a Microfluidic Platform for Point-of-Care Testing."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Dr. Chen Song          

"Chain flexibility of the PET."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Muhamed Nour Hashem Eeza  

"High Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy in Exploring Brain Diseases in adult Zebrafish."

2) Benjamin Hoffmann

„Determination of the Hyperfine Couplings of Cu(II) complexes."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Qianzhao Xu          

"Study on bilin-binding proteins."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Patricia Falkenstein  

"Experimental Aspects and Application of DIPSHIFT experiments."

2) Till Köhler

information will follow

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) James Otis

"Measurement of MW of Protein digested PET using NMR DOSY."

2)Annalena Werner

“Quantification of the 20 kDa- and the 22 kDa-Isoform of the human Growth Hormone measured with LC-MS/MS.”

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Leonard Dreyer

"Study of Haupteffect in Picolin/Toluol mixture."

2) Julia Rauch

"Optimierung der Probenvorbereitung zur isoformspezifischen Quantifizierung von humanen Wachstumshormonen mittels LC-MS/MS." 

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


 Louisa Eckert

"Radiosynthesis of dual-labeled [75Se]CdSe/[65Zn]ZnS quantum dots."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


 Muslim Dvoyashkin

"Molecular Transport in Nanostructured Materials for Catalysis and Energy Storage as Seen by Pulsed Field Gradient NMR"

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Karoline Bischof   

"Development and validation of an extraction protocol for bioactive lipids from murine tissues for LC-MS/MS analytics."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Benedikt Zöhrer

"Standardisation of the LC-MS/MS Quantification of Apolipoproteins."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Lisa Köhler    

"Acclimation of photosystem ratio to different growth irradiances in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Pavlo Bielytskyi

"13C→1H transfer of light-induced hyperpolarization in frozen photosynthetic protein."

2) Kshama Sharma

"Solid-State NMR: Asynchronous recoupling, decoupling and multiple data acquisition."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Patrick Kurle

"Kinetic Studies on Flavosystems under Continous Illumination by NMR and Absorption Spectroscopy."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Marcel Kansy

"An optimized protocol for the preparation of oxygen-evolving thylakoid membranes from Cyclotella meneghiniana."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Matthias Mendt             

"EPR Characterization of Surface Sites in Metal-Organic Frameworks by Nitric Oxide Adsorption."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Dr. Ren Wei 

"Microbial enzymes for the recycling of recalcitrant petroleum-based plastics."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


1) Prof. Dr. Michael Sommer    

"Conjugated polymers for organic electronics: synthesis, structure-property relations and doping strategies."

2) Marianne Wenzel

"HR-MAS 1H NMR and solution state 31P NMR on mouse brain to investigate cholesterol, N-acetylaspartate and phospholipids in cerebellum associated with Alzheimer`s disease."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Susanne Altmayer     

"Changing absorption properties of AnPixJ by mutation."

Wed, 8:30 , TA-257


Prof. Dr. Jörg Matysik

"Solid-State Photo-CIDNP MAS NMR: some new results."

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Matthias Findeisen

"Liquid state NMR - some tips and tricks."

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