Summer School IV, 2018

Series of "Summer Schools", Part IV


Click here  for downloading the programme of the Summer School 2018.

Summer School "Theory of NMR" Part IV, 25.02.-03.03. 2018

The 4th part of Summer School "Theory of NMR" at Windischleuba, 25th Feb. - 3rd March 2018

The 4th part of the Summer School on "Theory of NMR" will be organized at the Youth Hostel Schloss Windischleuba (40 km south of Leipzig, near Altenburg) from Sun. 25th Feb. (evening) to Sat. 3rd March (morning) 2018. 

The school will be dedicated to hyperpolarization methods.



  • CIDEP,
  • CIDNP (general),
  • Solid-state CIDNP,
  • Haupt-Effect (QRIP),
  • DNP (Overhauser, static and MAS),
  • DNP instrumentation, experimental aspects,
  • DNP polarizing agents,
  • Applications of DNP (Overhauser, dissolution and MAS),
  • PHIP,
  • ONP,
  • ONP on NV centers,
  • Level crossings & Level anti-crossings,
  • SEOP,
  • MEOP,
  • Optical pumping on semiconductors,
  • Long-lived states.


  • Prof. Shimon Vega (Weizmann Institute of Science, Rechovot),
  • Prof. Konstantin Ivanov (International Tomography Center, Novosibirsk),
  • Prof. Madhu (TIFR Hyderabad),
  • Prof. Eike Brunner (TU Dresden),
  • Prof. Gunnar Jeschke (ETH Zürich),
  • Prof. Matthias Ernst (ETH Zürich).


  • Prof. Jörg Matysik (Univ. Leipzig).

Participants will pay for transport by themself.

The fee of Summer School 2018 will be 400 EUR and will cover accomodation, food, entire program incl. teaching documents.

Information about the Youth Hostel:

Due to a generous grant donated by the ISMAR Organistion, we will be able to provide a few grants for free participation. These grants will be reserved for participants from less rich countries.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of lectures will be given at the Summer School? Will professors give presentations or they will use blackboard to give lectures?

A:  Professors will use "Power Point" and traditional blackboard. It is intended to make a movie together with the power point presentation, will be made available for participants afterwards.


Q:   In case there will be a script, is it possible to get it in electronic form earlier so one could have them during lectures and make notes much easier and more complete? 

A:  The printed script will be available when the school starts. The PDFs will be also available per "Dropbox" cloud storage.


Q:  Will be an examination at the end of the course?

A:  There will be no examination. 


Q:  Will there be a poster session for students?

A:  There will be no poster session or something similar. The teaching programme will be entirely done by the teachers.


Q:  How to reach the Youth Hostel on Sunday?

A:  From Leipzig Hbf (Main Station) to Altenburg by S-Bahn (regional train) see  ""

Sunday 25 Feb 2018: 16.00 and 18.00 Shuttle bus transfer from railway station “Bahnhof Altenburg” to the Youth Hostel


Q:  Do I have to bring towels/bed covers?

A:  Please bring towels with you. Bed covers will be provided.


Q:  Which comfort of accomodation can I expect?

A:  It is a nice Youth Hostel with mainly 4- or 6-bed rooms, each having its own bathroom attached.

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