1. Workshop 2016_Agenda

1. Workshop der Forschergruppe 2177:
Integrierte chemische Mikrolaboratorien

21.-22. November 2016

Collegienstraße 62
06886 Lutherstadt Wittenberg

Monday, 21.11.2016

Detlev Belder
14.10Detlev Belder
Integrating Chemical synthesis and Analysis on-Chip
14.40Petra Dittrich
Formation of nano- and microfibres in microfluidic devices
15.25Bernd Abel
Deciphering chemical reactions and reaction intermediates with
liquid microbeam desorption mass spectrometry and quantum chemistry
15.55Coffee break
16.25Andreas Kirschning
Inductive heating and microstructured flow reactors – a good match
17.10Kirsten Zeitler
Multicatalytic Transformations - impact of new techniques
17.40Peter Seeberger:
Automated Glycan Assembly as Basis for Novel Medicines and Materials
19.00    Dinner
20.00Guides city tour

Tuesday, 22.11.2016

09.00Michael Köhler
Bridging the worlds of molecules and solids: metal and composite nanoparticles from microfluidic syntheses
09.45 Andreas Schmid
Single cell microfluidics for whole-cell biocatalysis
10.30Andrea Robitzki
Smart optoelectronic biosensors for multiparametric cell and tissue based real time impedimetric monitoring
11.00   Coffee break
11.30Allessandro Massi
Continuous-flow catalytic processes on the micro- and non-meter scale
12.15Janina Kneipp
Raman scattering and surface-enhanced Raman scattering for the analysis of complex microsamples
12.45Christoph Schneider
Catalytic Multicomponent Reactions für the Rapid Assembly of Molecular Complexity
after that  Departure




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